BUY your yearbook online TODAY!

Only $25 each until December 31st.  Price will increase to $35 each on Jan 1st.  There is no guarantee that your child will get a yearbook unless you pre-order theirs TODAY!   Ad space is limited - if you are interested in purchasing an ad for your child, complete your ad by January 1st, 2017.  Please purchase a yearbook for your child prior to purchasing an ad.  You can save your ad creation and submit at any time prior to the deadline.

School code is #14991


The votes are in.  Congratulations to Jaren Glenn!  Her artwork was selected for the 2017-2018 HFE Yearbook Cover!


Submit potential photos for yearbook!

Go to and click on Upload Photos. You will be directed to the eShare web site and complete the requested info to download your BEST, hi-resolution photos.  For the most part, the higher the resolution (or megapixels), the more detailed the picture will appear – and better it will print. For yearbook, the best range is between 6-12 MP.  Too small, and the photos will be grainy.  Too large, and there may be issues with uploading and storage. 


Here’s a cheat sheet: 

3MP = maximum 5ʺ x 7ʺ photo (okay if it’s kept small) 

6MP = maximum 6.5ʺ x 10ʺ photo (plenty big for candids) 

10MP = maximum 8.5ʺ x 14ʺ photo (perfect for full page) 

12MP = maximum 9.7ʺ x 14.5ʺ photo (can crop portion and enlarge to 5×7 without becoming pixelated 


The iPhone 4 through the 6+ have 8 MP cameras, along with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S4 has 13 MP, and the S5 has 16 MP. Keep in mind the forward facing camera, or the one used for selfies, is only 1-2 MP on all of these, and generally will not work for yearbook.


Create an ad for the yearbook!

Click HERE for more information on creating an ad for the yearbook.


1/4 page - $25

1/2 page - $50

Full page - $100