Green Team


Mission Statement:

The Green Team’s mission is to provide environmental education, programs and services that promote stewardship of the environment and further the capacity of HFE students to make informed and responsible decisions.


Our Mission:

The Green Team seeks to create a school community that is well-informed about environmental challenges we face, that takes responsibility to preserve and protect our natural resources, both local and global, and that serves as a model for living respectfully and sustainably within our natural environment. It is committed to ensuring that our school actively teaches about our environment, develops activities that promote conservation, works to ensure that our school adopts green policies and procedures based on scientific principles and best practices, and that we enable our children through these efforts to become conscientious stewards of the environment. Through continued efforts from HFE staff, parents and our children we hope to make a continual difference throughout our children's lives. 


Who We Are:

The Green Team Initiative is an ongoing effort, which was conceived in September of 2014. The Green Team, which guides and plans activities, currently consists of teachers, administrators, and parent volunteers. We welcome participation of community members. Some of our activities during the school year are:
  • Science in the garden
  • Garden inquiry days
  • Recycling
  • Earth Day
Click here to volunteer in the garden!
Green Team Chairs:
Julie Taube