Service & Outreach


The Service Committee’s mission is to help our students become people of action when they are exposed to problems in their society. We encourage projects that 1) meet real community needs, be they local or global, and 2) emerge naturally from the curriculum and serve to reinforce classroom learning. Ultimately, we want our programs to be initiated, planned, and executed by HFE students, with our structural support.   

Service Stars and Service Logs:

"Small hands can help big!" Kids helping kids, kids volunteering and giving back and kids learning about the world around them. We see this everyday with our HFE students!  This year, we are expanding our service stars program and distributing service logs to all HFE students. Students that serve 10 hours will be recognized as a service star! Please check out the service log and letter to parents to learn more! We look forward to seeing the amazing impact our students can have on our community.  
Click here for the service log. 

School-Wide Drives:

Nov. 1st – Nov. 3rd: Halloween Candy Drive & Thank You Cards for Military

Collect candy to re-distribute to our military along with thank you cards.  Collection during morning bus / carpool with assigned bins per grade level.  Grade level that collects the most will win a “secret” recess. Click HERE for more information.


Feb 6th - Feb 8th: Children’s Book Drive for Mini Libraries and Title 1 Schools
Collect used books for mini libraries and Title 1 Schools (conveniently falls after HFE book drive).  Collection bins will be on the grade level floors. The grade level that collects the most will win a “secret” recess.

April 24th – April 26th: CAC Food Drive
Participate in city wide drive to stock the CAC’s food pantry; organize students/groups to decorate a shopping cart and participate in CAC event. Collection will be during morning bus/carpool with assigned bins per grade level.


Year Long Initiatives: HFE also participates in ongoing initiatives. Click here to learn more. All items can be dropped off in the appropriate bins in the school lobby.


Want to serve outside of school with your family or a community group, but need some fresh ideas?  Click here to check out a list of places where other HFE families love to serve. 



For any questions please contact the Service and Outreach chairs:

Raechel Moorhead

Sandy O'Meara