Eagle Alliance Board and Committee Chairs


We are happy to present the board and committee chairs for the 2018-19 school year. 





Operations Co-President:  Natalie Holloway

Strategy Co-President:  Cara Kuehn

Director of Operations:  Meredith Camp

Director of Communications & Media: Jen Cohen

Director of New Families: Erin Long

Director of Special Events:  Ginny Carper

Director of Academic Enrichment & Teacher Support:  Jill Goldstein

Director of Strategy: Jason Adler

Director of Eagle Fund: Asher RoyalClay Cibula

Director of Investments:  Dharmesh Patel

Director of Partner & Community Relations: Sabrina Nordquist

Secretary/Parliamentarian:  Lara Crane

Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer: Aimee Robertson




Coordinated by Director of Operations

School & Teacher Supplies: Kristin Russo, Emily Silberman

Spirit Wear: Sara Bier, Jamie Levy

Lunch Bunch: Carol Totten 

School Store: Melissa Bentley, Carrie Moore

Eagle Holiday Shop: Jill KaplanLauren Sheffield

Yearbook: Sarah Severson, Leticia Porter, Carrie Skinner

Landscaping:  Melissa Gordon

Hands on HFE: Gabe Rand

Brick Campaign: Elyssa Kramer


 Coordinated by Director of Communications and Media

Webmaster: Julie Habif

Newsletter: Brooke Brown

Social Media: Anna Benifield

Marquee: Eldar Karen

Promotional Materials: Tova Glenn

Room Parent Chair: Taryn Lum

Volunteer Coordinator: Rebecca Hinrichs

Teacher/Staff Gift Fund: Ann Olevitch


  Coordinated by Director of New Families

New Family Communications: Alyssia Leggett

School Tours: Stacy Heerin, Alyssa Kopelman, Amy Penka, Jodi Courts,

Amy Abney, Urvi Patel

New Student Round-Up: Stacy Beard, Marte Meyerhoff

Eagle Buddies: Dabney Caldwell, Allie Yancey

New Parent Events: Jenny Clay, Allyson Keating, Kelly McDonald

New Student Events: Lisa Sodl, Amanda Williams


 Coordinated by Director of Partner & Community Relations

Partners in Education: Open, Paige Perkins

Spirit Nights: Jessica White

Service & Outreach: Raechel MoorheadSandy O'Meara

Box Tops and Rebate Programs: Sherry Rolla


 Coordinated by Special Events Director

Open House: Mary Beth Thrasher, Stacy Beard

EA Play Day: Allison Dubovsky, Tova Glenn

Autumn Adventure: Caitlin Greene

Date Nights: Kristin Hall, Kelly Stephens

VIP Day: Alisa Winters, Valerie Cohn

Parent Party: Paula Cibula, Jaclyn Connell, Katie ReynoldsAlison Weiner

Talent Show: Katie Johnston, Samantha Zierler

Field Day: Traci and Jeff Flome

Fine Arts Night: Emily Treadway

5th Grade Recognition Activities: Tanya Early, Jen Sander

5th Grade Reception: Tara Pridgen, Ann Busch

Coordinated by Director of Academic Enrichment and Teacher Support

Media Center and Birthday Book Club: Pamela Steinik

Book Fair: Kim Hammer, Susan Grana

Parent Enrichment: Andie Scher

Green Team: Julie TaubeAmanda Wooden

Staff Appreciation/Sunshine Breakfast: Julie Royal, Paula Cibula, Mandy Katz

Laura Rhino, Lucynda Coker, Alison Weiner

4th Grade Trip: Katie Reynolds, Monika Smith

5th Grade Trip: Michelle Stine, Mandy Kelley

International Day: Weesie Floss

STEM Day: Stacey Hodulich, Jennifer Swartz

Career Day: Alicia McCabe

 Muffins with Moms/Donuts with Dads: Pam Shippy, Stephanie Patton


Coordinated by Director of Eagle Fund

Eagle Fund Committee: Ryan Beach, Bill Camp, Jason Kaplan, Scott KatzBrian LevyNatalia MazitovaLaura PetersEric Weiner


Coordinated by Director of Investments

Investment Committee:  Dharmesh Patel, Brad Glenn, Heather Crawford, Jonathan Dubovsky, Diane Bonenberger, Alicia McCabe, Adrienne Penake

Teacher Representative: Sarah Severson



Coordinated by the Co-Presidents

Nominating Committee Chair: Ann OlevitchNatalie HollowayCara Kuehn

Nominating Committee: Kyle Pointer, Fred Stewart, Meredith Camp, Jason AdlerJulie Royal,

Kelly McDonald







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